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Do You Need Heater Repairs or a Replacement?

Service technician working on a heater's electrical system.

Every year it seems to be something else with your heater. You’ve had it for a while, and problems keep popping up. Do you need another repair, or will installing a new heater fix that recurring headache?

It depends on your answers to a few different questions. Let’s find out if you need heating repair in Cincinnati, OH or if you should consider a full replacement.

Does Your Heating Bill Keep Rising Without a Reason?

Your heater will lose energy efficiency over time regardless of maintenance. Nothing lasts forever. If you’ve noticed your energy bills rising but you know your energy rates haven’t gone up and you aren’t using your heater more, it could simply be your heater’s age.

The longer a heater runs, the more problems it’s bound to endure. Wear and tear slowly break down multiple components of your heater, causing it to become less efficient over time. This is a slow creep that doesn’t present itself until your bill really peaks over a certain amount.

Be sure to double-check your heater’s maintenance records and inspect any other possible problem with your home’s energy efficiency first. Once you can rule out external factors, look to your heater.

Was Your Heater Installed More Than 10 Years Ago?

Your heater isn’t automatically a goner when it reaches a certain age. After 10 years, it will start to lose efficiency. An inefficient heater is worth replacing entirely if it’s the cause of those increased heating bills, despite regular maintenance.

If your heater is under 10 years old and has undergone regular maintenance, the chance of it breaking down is minimal. Once it enters the double digits, things begin to wear down at a faster rate.

Keep in mind that heaters can last for up to 20 years with proper care and regular maintenance. But when it comes to repairs, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of repairing your heater or simply replacing it with a newer, more energy-efficient model.

Do You Have Multiple Repair Problems or Just One?

Have you called for repairs multiple times recently, or just once in the last year? At a certain point, repairing your heater becomes more expensive than investing in a new one.

The rule of thumb is that any repair that costs you more than 50% of the price of a new heater indicates it’s time for a replacement. Keep records on what your heater costs you over the years so you can begin to figure out when it needs to be replaced before you’re forced to endure a complete shutdown.

Most Heater Problems Can Be Repaired

You want to avoid a full replacement for as long as possible. We don’t blame you. Every repair option should be explored first before you need to consider a replacement. We’ll inspect your heater, find out what’s wrong, and determine the best possible way to repair your unit.

Contact JM Mechanical Heating & Cooling today to repair your heater and help prolong a full heater replacement for as long as possible.

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