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Don’t Ignore These Critical Furnace Warnings


Your furnace gives off signals that there’s something wrong, and it’s up to you to spot these signs before they become a big problem. While annual maintenance is designed to help you thwart plenty of issues before they can progress, one annual visit isn’t foolproof.

You can require furnace repair in Loveland, OH in the middle of the year if you encounter these symptoms of a bum furnace, even if you upkeep your annual maintenance schedule. Let’s talk about what you need to keep your eyes peeled for before your furnace hits a critical breakdown.

Noises You Didn’t Hear Last Week

Furnaces are combustion-based heating systems–they’re going to make some noise. In fact, there are a lot of sounds from your furnace that mean it’s operating completely as planned.

But then there are some that indicate a bigger problem with your furnace that you need to take a look at. Your furnace can make noise when it fires up and a little bit of noise while it operates, but it should still be relatively quiet.

If you hear squealing, mechanical noises, metal-on-metal grinding, or loud booms from your furnace, call a technician as soon as possible to get that problem resolved.

Uneven Heating Across Your Entire Home

It’s easy to think, “This vent is the furthest from the furnace, so of course the air isn’t going to be as warm here,” but that’s not how you should be thinking. With proper air pressure in the ducts and a working blower fan, you should be able to get an even level of heat across every single room in your home. No questions asked.

Put your hand to the vent in the ceiling right near you. Then check the next room that has a vent. Is there a difference? Does one feel warmer than the other?

The most notable change is when you already know which room in your house is the coldest, even during the winter. If your study or living room came to mind immediately, that means you’ve been dealing with inefficient, uneven heating for a long time.

Your Energy Bills Go Up

Nobody likes bills, especially when they start going up month over month. If you aren’t sure why your energy bills started spiking, it could be because it’s making up for failing components with more power.

When your furnace isn’t outputting heat as efficiently as it should be, it could be due to a single weak link. If you aren’t sure whether or not your energy bills have spiked, look at last year’s bill versus this year’s bill. It adds up quickly.

Revitalize Your Furnace

One repair call is all it takes to determine the cause of the problem, find a solution, and put it into practice. Let’s get your furnace fixed up and make sure it’s as ready for this upcoming winter as it ever has been. Life’s a little better and a lot less stressful when you have quality technicians in your corner.

Contact JM Mechanical Heating & Cooling today to schedule furnace repair as soon as possible. Don’t let warnings become bigger problems than they need to be.

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