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What Are The Signs You Need Furnace Repairs?

Technician working on a furnace.

You’re settling into the winter months and you can’t wait to lean back and enjoy the warmth of your furnace on a cold morning, but something happened. Your furnace is acting up in one way or another and spoiling your quiet comfort.

You may need furnace repair in Hamilton, OH to help resolve the issue. For now, let’s talk about the different signs of a spotty furnace and what you need to be on the lookout for. If a furnace repair is right around the corner, getting on top of it now instead of when your furnace completely breaks down will save you a headache or two.

Your Furnace Doesn’t Smell Right

When you first turn on your furnace, there’s going to be a bit of an odd smell. It’s burning off old built-up dust from the last time it was used. Depending on your preferences and average use, that could have been nine months ago. A lot of dust accumulates in that time.

If this happens, there’s no need to be concerned… at least for the first couple of hours. Once your furnace kicks on for a while that dust should burn off, but if it doesn’t, or the smell isn’t reminiscent of last year when you turned your furnace on, there could be a bigger problem. You could be smelling a gas leak, although it’s up to a furnace technician to service your unit and determine the source.

Constant Loud Noises

Combustion isn’t exactly quiet, but excessive noise on a constant basis isn’t what we would call normal. Be sure to take note of these noises, what they sound like, and find the best descriptive terms to relay to your service technician. Loud noises can be a sign of multiple issues with your furnace.

Bad Air Quality

Do you notice more particles floating around near your vents? Your furnace uses ductwork to heat your home, which is fed through an intake filter. That filter is supposed to trap as much dust and debris in the air as possible. If your filter is mostly clean but your air isn’t, it indicates a problem.

This could be an issue deeper within your furnace, although there’s a chance that your ductwork is to blame. A furnace technician will be able to tell you for sure.

Your Furnace Takes Multiple Efforts to Turn On

Aging furnaces come with their own little peccadilloes, but nothing that should completely prevent your furnace from working. If you have to restart your unit from time to time, especially if it’s an older furnace, that’s okay.

But if you have to restart it multiple times throughout the day during every day of use, it’s a sign that something in your furnace is failing. It’s a good idea to call a technician to service your furnace before it completely breaks down and potentially causes more damage.

Your Furnace Can’t Wait

Certain furnace repairs can take a little while to diagnose, but the faster they’re diagnosed, the faster you get to a solution. Your furnace needs attention sooner rather than later. Don’t let your home comfort remain in jeopardy any longer.

Contact JM Mechanical Heating & Cooling today to schedule furnace repair and restore your quality of comfort as soon as possible.

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