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How Keeping Your Thermostat Higher Results in Less AC Repairs

Your thermostat controls the show. It tells the AC when to turn on, when to power down, and maintains a watchful eye over the temperature of your home. Since it’s in so much control of it all, changing the thermostat can have drastic impacts on how many AC repairs you face.

Wouldn’t it be nice to call for less AC repair in Montgomery, OH as time went on? If that sounds good to you, it’s time to learn about how your thermostat can be altered to make a difference.

Reduces Strain on Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner is under constant stress. Every time it’s turned on, wear and tear damage gets added on top of the proverbial pile. Even reducing your AC’s strain by a single cycle every day can have lasting impacts, since that’s thousands fewer cycles it endures throughout its lifetime.

If you turn your thermostat up a degree or two and get used to the new temperature, it could have lasting positive impacts on your air conditioner’s lifespan. If you keep your AC extremely low (somewhere around 68° F), your AC may run into problems with freezing, and this should help.

Less Power Consumption

When you use the AC a little bit less, that means you use less power. We think of AC repair as always being the condenser, or the blower motor, but beyond the big pieces we’ve all heard during AC repairs in the past, it also reduces strain on the electrical system of your air conditioner.

This is the wiring that comes from your home and connects to your air conditioner to supply it with power. That can break down on its own without you running into problems with the main components of the air conditioner, but then those electrical problems can turn into component issues.

Prevents Frozen Coils

When your air conditioner is set too low, you can actually freeze your condenser coils. Ice builds up because it’s being given a request that’s hard to maintain, so the humidity freezes on the outside of the coil instead of dripping into the pan and through the condensate drain line.

In short, you can freeze your AC and cause massive damage to it if you simply set your thermostat too low. It’s alarming when you realize just how much of a difference one degree can make in either direction, so start small and turn your thermostat up by a single degree at a time. Try to get a little further from the lowest possible setting your thermostat has to offer.

Maintenance Also Prevents AC Repairs

While you can’t stop every single AC repair from popping up, you can lower the number of them that you face throughout your AC’s lifetime. Let’s help you get there with an annual maintenance schedule, timely repairs, and being the AC company you call any time there’s a problem with your AC.

Contact JM Mechanical Heating & Cooling today to schedule your air conditioning repair as soon as possible.

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