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The Steps of Heating Installation You Should Know as a Homeowner

When you picture your heater being installed, you’re probably not thinking of a bunch of mishaps and installation errors, right? Ideally, you’ll be thinking about enjoying the heat as soon as it’s on, and a smooth, calm installation. That’s all the more reason why you should know just what happens during installation in the first place.

We handle a lot of heating installation in Middletown, OH, so we’ve seen just about everything you can imagine during the installation process. Here’s what you should keep your eye on as a homeowner so you can be sure that everything’s done well.

Look for Improperly Sized Heating Units

Whether it’s a furnace or a heat pump, it needs to fit just right. While it may sound like it’s not a bad thing to have a heater that’s a little too powerful for what you need, it can actually cause some issues.

If the heater is too big, it may not have to run for cycles as long as a smaller unit, but it exerts more power in the beginning since the system requires a higher amount of energy to run. If it has more heating power than a smaller unit, then it reasonably needs more energy to make it run.

If you get a unit that’s too small, it may help you hit your heating targets, but it will struggle all the way. That means longer runtimes, more energy consumption, and the big thing that nobody thinks about at this stage–the wear and tear on the unit that comes out to play later on down the line.

The good thing is, you’ll discuss the heater size with your technician during the pre-installation appointment, so you can iron out any issues at that point.

Ensure Manufacturer Specifications Are Being Met

It’s important for you to know the warranty information on your heater so don’t be afraid to ask your technician during the pre-installation appointment and on installation day if need be. When technicians install heaters, they make sure they follow manufacturer requirements so as to not void the warranty. Many heater warranties are good for 5+ years, so you definitely want to make sure the warranty terms haven’t been breached during installation.

Know That There’s Sufficient Insulation

When we put in a new heater, we may need to check on your existing insulation. If it’s not enough, it has to be replaced. Insulation protects your ductwork so that the warm air you’re sending through your ducts and throughout your house doesn’t experience unnecessary heat loss during its travel.

The good thing about insulation is that it’s not an annual expense–you only have to replace insulation every 15-20 years on average. It’s worth it to get your insulation replaced now so you don’t have to spend nearly two decades losing money to heat loss.

Put Your Trust in the Experts Who Care

When you hire a team of professionals who care about your outcome and take care of you every step of the way, you can’t go wrong. We’ll do everything in our power to make sure you’re not only happy with the end result, but you’re as comfortable as you could ever hope to be. That’s how we do it.

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