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How Air Purifiers Help You Sleep at Night (for Real)

Air purifiers help you breathe easier, and we all know about sick building syndrome and how air purifiers help with that, but there’s another benefit you may not have realized: improved sleep. Good sleep equals good health, so why not upgrade your sleeping environment with air purifier service in Lebanon, OH?

They Remove Allergens From the Air

Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, allergens float around in the air and can still irritate you when you try to sleep. Allergens are also known to irritate respiratory systems, and that’s regardless of whether or not you actually have allergies.

Your breathing patterns are all over the place while you sleep. Sometimes you breathe slowly, sometimes it’s more rapid, but either way, you need quality, clean air going in to make sure you’re supporting your body while you sleep. Fewer particles floating around means higher quality air while you sleep, and less irritation during the multiple stages of sleep.

Improves Air Circulation

Sometimes it gets stuffy in your room, or maybe you napped on the couch and the living room air always feels a bit on the stale side. You don’t want to open the windows and let your temperature-controlled air out, so you endure it.

Air purification systems help circulate air without having to open windows and create a cross draft. You can buy a little $50 unit from Amazon and plop it down on the coffee table, but that’s not going to do the trick. Small units like these only cover a fraction of your home’s air.

Whole home air purifiers help circulate air across your entire home, so you get fresh air 24 hours a day. Yes, your air conditioner intake vent pulls some air in throughout the day, but it’s targeted to the area immediately outside of the vent. It’s not good enough to pull contaminants out of your whole home air supply. More consistent, cleaner air helps you sleep better.

Helps Remove Pet Dander

Dust particles in the air? That’s one story, but pet dander is the real culprit of poor sleep. Even if you don’t have an allergy to cats or dogs, the dander they produce can still impact your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Air purifiers may need to be cleaned out more often when you have pets, but at least they capture that dander and pull it from the air. Pet dander can be a major irritant that affects your throat and respiratory system, and reduces your ability to sleep soundly.

It’s Time to Sleep Easier Every Night

You can sleep even easier than you do now, and you can do it knowing you also made a great investment for your family’s health at the same time. Remove allergens from the air, reduce irritation while you sleep, and be a little less restless in the evening so you can be a bit more rested in the morning.

Contact JM Mechanical Heating & Cooling today to schedule an appointment for an air purification system installation as soon as possible and start sleeping easier.

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