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Is This the End of Repairs for Your Air Conditioner?

When you think about air conditioning service in Montgomery, OH, you may picture air conditioner installation and repairs. But what comes to mind last? Maintenance.

Maintenance is, by nature, maintaining your air conditioner so it keeps running without breaking down. There’s two truths in HVAC: you’re going to need repair at some point, and your air conditioner will eventually die and need to be replaced.

But what if you could prevent as many repairs as possible? That’s what maintenance is all about, and it’s often the most overlooked air conditioning service. Let’s explain why it’s helpful.

Repairs Handle Current Problems, Maintenance Prevents Them

Something breaks, so you call a technician to fix it. Then they provide a solution, you’re back up and running, but the bill makes you feel a bit upset to say the least. If you tally up the cost of your air conditioner from installation to the end of its life cycle, the repair costs stack up.

At least, on average. Maintenance is a fraction of the price, and while it may include the occasional part replacement here and there, there’s a difference between that and a repair call when something fails.

Failure happens when one crucial component stops working. That part may also cause other pieces to stop working as well, especially if the failure results in physical damage like a belt snapping or electrical fuses melting wires.

Those parts don’t just break all of a sudden. Most repair needs result from wear and tear plus time. When a technician opens up your AC, they can identify which parts are strained and either close to failure, or are lowering the efficiency of your air conditioner. They replace that part, your AC keeps running (with better energy efficiency), and a disaster is averted.

Schedule Maintenance Now and Stick to It

Think of maintenance as lower-cost pre-repairs. Parts wear down, but before they cause collateral damage to other components, technicians can swap them out.

Maintenance serves as a point of inspection, and that point isn’t stressed enough. Your maintenance tech tunes up your whole system and looks out for problems. These are some issues that maintenance helps prevent:

  • Problems getting air to the evaporator coil
  • Freezing from drainage lines getting clogged
  • Thermostat problems that read your temperature wrong
  • Short-circuiting from failed wiring
  • Inefficiencies from dirt, dust, and debris buildup that impacts your AC

Simply put, you can’t afford not to have air conditioner maintenance, because it will come back to bite you when your AC fails.

Regular AC Care Saves You Money

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners avoid maintenance is because it has an associated upfront cost and they feel that there’s no downside to not getting it.

There is. Breakdowns will happen one way or another, but you can prevent many of them, keep your cooling bills on the lower end of the scale, and not have to worry about your AC so much if you maintain a maintenance schedule.

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