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Sounds You Should and Shouldn’t Hear From Your AC

While enjoying the heat and extra sunshine outside is all well and good, after a while we all need a break. And the air conditioner in your home should be able to provide you with a cool home where you can escape the heat. 

As the season progresses, you might notice that getting your home cool isn’t as easy as it should be. If you notice your AC is starting to struggle to do its job right, then you would be wise to schedule your air conditioning repair in Cincinnati, OH with us.

Wondering how to figure out that your cooling system is hitting a bump in the road? One way to find out is to be on the alert for any concerning noises from your system.

Learn more below!

What Are Normal AC Noises?

You can relax and enjoy the cool air when you hear these sounds.

  • The whoosh of air: This is exactly what you want to hear from your air conditioner. When your system is cooling the air and blowing it throughout the home properly, it should create a nice, steady whoosh.
  • A click at startup: When your thermostat detects that the temperature in the house is too warm, it will signal the air conditioner to turn on, which will create a single, audible click.
  • The condenser motor running: When your AC is operating, you should be able to hear your condenser running steadily. You can check this by taking a step outside and listening to your outdoor unit.

What Noises From Your AC SHOULD Worry You?

There are plenty of sounds your AC might make that will warn you of trouble. Keep your ears alert for any of these:

  • Rattling or clanging: These noises are often caused by parts starting to come loose or which have come completely loose and are bouncing around in your AC system.
  • Screeching or squealing: This is an obnoxious noise, which can be a good thing because it is tough to ignore! This sound is created when metal scrapes against metal, such as when you have a dry motor belt.
  • Hissing or bubbling: Both of these noises are indicators of a problem with your refrigerant supply. Hissing indicates a leak that is allowing gaseous refrigerant to escape the line. Bubbling sounds are made when air bubbles get into the line where the refrigerant is still in liquid form.
  • Silence: No air conditioner should run without making any sound. A silent AC is one that isn’t operating at all. This means you either need a serious repair or a full system replacement.

Does something sound off with your air conditioning system? If so, reach out to our team. We can offer air conditioner repair or AC maintenance to address the problem and get your system back into prime condition. If your AC is on its last legs, we can also help with an AC replacement.

Contact JM Mechanical Heating & Cooling today to schedule your air conditioning services with an expert.

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