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Is It Too Late for AC Maintenance?

The calendar may say that fall has begun, but the actual weather outside your door likely feels a bit different. We know that the heat likes to stick around here. That means that keeping your air conditioner running is a good idea. This means that you may want to book a tune-up if you haven’t already.

We understand why you may feel that booking air conditioning service in Fairfield, OH at this point in the year is a bit too late. However, we want to explain that maintenance is always better late than never.

4 Benefits That Maintenance Can Still Offer

When you invest in maintenance provided by a professional technician, you are investing in improved HVAC system operation, even when it is done later in the year. This is good news, especially because the better your AC unit lasts and the longer it does so, the better protected you are against inflation’s impact on system pricing. The benefits that make this possible include:

  1. Preventing a loss in energy efficiency: One of the helpful benefits of professional maintenance is that it will allow your system to perform in a more efficient way. This translates to preventing a loss of up to 5% of your system’s efficiency level. Rather than ever-increasing energy bills each year, maintenance will help keep your energy bills more manageable, which makes a difference as energy costs increase.
  2. Maximizing your system’s lifespan: This is likely one of the best “inflation-proof” benefits that come from a tune-up. Regular maintenance will help your system last for a longer amount of time before it needs to be replaced. This means that you can often ride the wave of inflation by keeping your current system in use for several years longer.
  3. Reduced chances of repairs: Maintenance can help to prevent up to 85% of the repairs that your system might need over the course of its lifespan otherwise. This is another great “inflation-proof” benefit. Fewer repairs mean fewer parts needed to make those repairs, which means fewer expensive parts to have to pay for.
  4. Improving your system performance: Last but certainly not least, maintenance will help ensure that your system works better than it would otherwise. The tasks that are taken care of during a tune-up will allow it to more effectively adjust the temperature of your home, which will also help with reducing the need for extra energy to keep things comfortable.

Schedule Maintenance Today Or Sign Up for a Comfort Club Plan

Even late maintenance can help to improve your AC system’s function and efficiency, while skipping it can have bigger drawbacks than you might realize. This is why we’re still encouraging anyone who hasn’t scheduled a tune-up to do so now!

You can also take the time to enjoy even more benefits by signing up for one of our helpful Comfort Club Plans.

Contact the team at JM Mechanical Heating & Cooling to book an appointment with a company that is always F.A.R.E: Fast, Affordable, Reliable, and Easy to work with.

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