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Why You Can’t Perform Boiler Maintenance on Your Own

When your boiler runs into trouble, your first instinct is to inspect it, see what’s wrong, and decide if there’s a DIY solution available before you spend time calling a plumber. The problem is, even if you’re confident that you can fix a problem with your boiler or even just perform annual maintenance on your own, you’ll run into a massive roadblock that could cost you thousands later on down the line.

Boiler maintenance in Fairfield, OH is handled by trained and certified professionals like us because those are the only people who can work on your boiler if you want to maintain your warranty. They certify their work, so manufacturers don’t have an argument to not provide you with a solution if you need to call on your warranty.

It Goes Beyond Your Warranty

The warranty issue is important, no doubt, but you also have to keep personal safety in mind. Boilers come with safety hazards that few homeowners are even able to combat if they were to become a problem. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Boiler explosions: Contents under pressure can lead to an explosion. Your boiler is likely heated with natural gas, so that adds even more hazards to the mix.
  • Serious burns: Your boiler can get hot enough to burn you and leave serious damage to your skin, potentially causing lifelong nerve damage.
  • Carbon monoxide leaks: Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer–a tasteless, odorless gas that is responsible for hundreds of fatalities in the United States every single year. You want a certified technician to ensure you’re keeping your family safe.

Personal safety is more important than accidentally voiding your warranty. If you have family in the home, a boiler explosion or carbon monoxide leak will impact them as well. It’s best to take the safest possible route when dealing with boiler maintenance or repairs.

You Lack the Equipment

Even if you have a rather impressive tool collection, we’re willing to bet that you don’t have all the necessary tools required to perform full boiler maintenance. While these tools may be rentable in a hardware store near you, they also require expertise to handle properly.

Insurance Problems

Do you remember the details of your home insurance contract? It likely states that maintenance on potentially hazardous home systems needs to be performed by a licensed professional, otherwise, you run the risk of your insurance being completely void.

In the event that a boiler explosion does happen, an insurance company will find any angle they can to uncover DIY maintenance and claim it as the reason that the explosion happened in the first place. You don’t get recompense, and they also cancel your insurance. It’s a lose-lose situation for you.

Let’s Take Care of That Boiler for You

Now that you know why taking the DIY route isn’t just a bad idea, but a potentially catastrophic one, it’s time to put professionals in your corner who know how to handle all boiler maintenance, repairs, and any other related projects that pop up as well. It’s time to choose us.

Contact us today to schedule your boiler maintenance as soon as possible.

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